Your questions answered...

If you've been playing around in your head about doing a boudoir shoot but not quite there, I am answering some of the typical questions I get asked.

Who does a boudoir shoot?

I am always amazed and proud of every woman that comes through my door.  Each story is different.  A boudoir shoot is really for any woman that wants to remind themselves that they are beautiful and empowered.  Here is a list of some of my past clients:

  • Soon to be bride
  • College graduate
  • Single Moms
  • Cancer survivors
  • Mom with young children
  • Mom with teenagers
  • Women with tattoos
  • Business owners
  • Newly married
  • Women recently divorced
  • Women aging 19-60

Why did they do a shoot?

Every client has their own personal reasons whether they do this solely for themselves or for a significant other.  The one thing they all walk out with is knowing they are pretty darn amazing and they have created something that they can look at everyday to remember.

I am concerned about my family or co-worker finding out.

I do in person sales so your images are not uploaded and sitting in a gallery that someone may see.  Any images I post online to social media or my website is approved by the clients.  You choose if you want to share all or none of your images or just a few that you select.

Isn't this kinda...taboo?

There is a variety of imagery from history that showcases people smiling, laughing, kissing, showing off their muscles, etc.  The differences is, this is more special to you.  You get to showcase more facets of who you are, your vulnerability, your strength, your beauty, your sensuality, your humor. What you wear it to flatter you, but it's more than that... it's to show you're more than a mother, daughter, wife, sister, colleague, daily grinder. You are an empowerment within and we get to capture that.