Marcia Clark...

Browsing through Netflix series I could 1/2 watch while multitasking (for some reason, the background noise works), I happened upon the People vs. OJ Simpson.  

I figured this would be a decent series to multitask to since I was glued to the t.v. when it was happening live and what more could I really learn?

Well the series has captured my attention more than I thought, more so for what is portrayed of Marcia Clark.  A mom of two kids, going through a divorce, while being the lead counsel on a high and demanding case.

To top it off, if that wasn't enough, the public thought it wise to comment on her hair and dress.  

Holy shit...

While I've never gone through the divorce or been an attorney, I have worked at a demanding job that expected long hours, while having young children at home and a husband that traveled. Always trying to "keep up with the guys" at work who easily put in the hours.   I was criticized (behind my back which somehow made it worse) for having to leave work early due to sick kids and husband being gone.  

Anyway back to Marcia, to have the workload on her shoulders, plus trying to be there for her kids and dealing with hands down to you.  I never knew at the time what you yourself had to deal with.  I think the workforce is becoming a bit more family friendly, but I'm not positive being my own boss now.  Please tell me it's gotten better...?