Kim and Tremain

Wedding of Kim and Tremain....

A few years ago I went through a course in Colorado that helped me navigate my mission and three words that described me.  The coach...scrapping away all my inhibitions and the cement blocks that surrounded my persona, finally settled on three words...romantic, intimate and independent.  The word intimate resonated as I gravitate towards finding something to always relate to with others.  I enjoy hearing their stories.  This has led me on the path I've taken with my photography, more intimate portraiture.  I have become a better person because of my clients and that small part of their lives I share with them.

Neenah wedding

Kimberly and Tremain had a gorgeous intimate wedding early this September.  That blue cabinet above, she refurbished and painted and it became a part of their wedding.

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What better way to celebrate with family and little girls in dresses...

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and a new mother in law helping with a boutaineer.

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This couple really connects with many smiles, love and kindness towards one another.

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