A Legacy

My daughter has been a bit obsessed with White Christmas lately...hello 80 degrees out and sunny? 

So while traveling through the Carolina's this past week, she begged us to stop off and visit Rosemary Clooney's home in Kentucky.  Who knew right? 

So I went to the website to look at hours for visiting and hello....George has some items on display too...ya know...thee George Clooney.  It's a deal, I am all in.

Rosemary or like I refer to her as Rosie,  had this quaint home overlooking the Ohio River in a little town about an hour outside of Cincinnati OH...on the Kentucky side.  We actually arrived after hours but the gentleman who helps take care of the home took us on a private tour...how cool. 

We saw a lot of her history through private and public photos displayed, the actual dresses worn in various movies and White Christmas and oh, that little ol' display of George's too.

We went upstairs to visit her bedroom as she left it (except for the photos and displays by the museum).  She had this image on her mantle of her...(my cell pic below).  It is an image she had once given to her grandmother who displayed it in her own home.


Did I find it obnoxious that she would have this beautiful image of herself in her room as she aged?  NO.

I adored it...

I also adored George's display.

I really was a bit mesmerized seeing her life in pictures and how she isn't forgotten.  Now, I really want to have an image like that above in my room.  Life is too fleeting not to.  A gentle reminder that portraits that last generations are celebrated and what an amazing thing for every woman to have of herself.